My Stock Tips for Week 05-14

Here are my stock tips for the week.

1. Invest big amount. Make your first Million
If you want to earn big you also need to invest big. If you invest 10 to 20 thousand pesos that would not get you anywhere in the next 5 years. Invest big after all its our country and its our business that you are investing in.

2. Time is both your enemy and your friend.
As mentioned above if you invest 20 thousand it is not going let you go anywhere. Time then becomes your enemy. However, there are some point in time that you investment will go down to as much as 50 percent. Time then becomes your friend. Stock prices goes up in time.

3. Diversify.
You do not want to put all the eggs in one basket. If you made your first million distribute it to several stocks. So that when the basket falls you don’t broke all the eggs.

4. Dividend Repeats itself.
You need to study the stocks dividend history. Most of the time it repeats itself. When the stock issue dividend the stock price climb and the stock price goes down on the ex-div date. Ideally you want to get both the dividend and the make the revenue from the sales due to the price climb.

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