My Stock Tips for The Week Beginning Apr 09, 2017

Here are My Stock Tips for week Beginning Apr 09, 2017

1. Check the Most Active Stocks.
There are 2 types of most active stocks, The ones that are losing, the ones that are winning. You will have to check the trends. If its price is trending up and if you guess that it will continue to trend up, buy the stocks. If it is trending down and you perceive that it continues to trend downwards sell it.

2. How Can you make money if the stocks is trending down.
Most people would think that you can only make money if the stocks price is trending up. That is not the case. You can definitely make money even if the stock price is trending down. How? If the stocks is trending down, sell it as recommended in my stock tips #1. Since the stock price will continue to go down you will have the opportunity to buy it back when the price trends reverses and starts to go up.

3. Know Your Stocks.
To know your stocks you should know at least the average price and the highest price of your stocks. For example, Meg would have an average of Php4.00 and a high of Php6.00 and the current price of MEG is then I would definetely buy MEG.

4. Buy on the Worst Loser

Ayala corporation has just lost 5.9 percent. AC is not a bad company so there is a possibility that the stocks will rebound in the next trading days.

Here are My Stock Tips for week Beginning Apr 09, 2017

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