My Stocks Tips for the week of 11/20/2016 (PSE)

Here are some of my recommendations for the week.
For a short term gain I would recommend that you
buy and sell the following stocks.
1. MEG – Megaworld (buy)
2. STI – STI holding (sell)
3. JFC – Jollibee Food Corp (Buy)

Megaworld (buy)

Megaworld is currently on a year-low and is currently bouncing back.

Megaworld stock is also trending up based on its 5 year graph.

STI holding (sell)
STI is currently high and if you have this stock It is the right time to sell

JFC – Jollibee Food Corp (Buy)
Jolibee is currently on a year-low and is a good stock to buy both for dividend and trading gains

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