My Bowling Tips

After almost 2 months skipping my bowling practice,  I finally have my bowling training again today with coach Paeng Nepumoceno at Eastwood bowling center.


Here are some tips I learned today.

1. Document your progress.

Just like any other career or learning you have to document your progress. You have to have a notes and checklist of items you need to improve on. The document is very useful when you have to go away and cannot go back to the lanes any time soon. Just like what happened to me. I was away for almost two months and I almost forgot everything that I have learned.

2.  Push away on the first step; the ball should be  on the lowest position by the second step and on the highest position by the third step.

In a four step bowling drill,  you have to push away on the first step and the ball should be on the lowest position on the second step. On the third step the balling ball should be on the highest position. You have to slide on the fourth step but you have to ensure that your body’s momentum due to that sliding  should be able to align with your other effort to throw the ball

3.  Bend your body forward 45 degrees.

This is very important. Bending your body by 45 degrees would lower the ball by almost 6 to 10 inches.  It will also lessen the risk of  damaging your spine if you are playing with a heavier ball.


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