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This is jam session Music Channel test page

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My Stock Tips for Week 05-14

Here are my stock tips for the week.

1. Invest big amount. Make your first Million
If you want to earn big you also need to invest big. If you invest 10 to 20 thousand pesos that would not get you anywhere in the next 5 years. Invest big after all its our country and its our business that you are investing in.

2. Time is both your enemy and your friend.
As mentioned above if you invest 20 thousand it is not going let you go anywhere. Time then becomes your enemy. However, there are some point in time that you investment will go down to as much as 50 percent. Time then becomes your friend. Stock prices goes up in time.

3. Diversify.
You do not want to put all the eggs in one basket. If you made your first million distribute it to several stocks. So that when the basket falls you don’t broke all the eggs.

4. Dividend Repeats itself.
You need to study the stocks dividend history. Most of the time it repeats itself. When the stock issue dividend the stock price climb and the stock price goes down on the ex-div date. Ideally you want to get both the dividend and the make the revenue from the sales due to the price climb.

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My Stock Tips for The Week Beginning Apr 09, 2017

Here are My Stock Tips for week Beginning Apr 09, 2017

1. Check the Most Active Stocks.
There are 2 types of most active stocks, The ones that are losing, the ones that are winning. You will have to check the trends. If its price is trending up and if you guess that it will continue to trend up, buy the stocks. If it is trending down and you perceive that it continues to trend downwards sell it.

2. How Can you make money if the stocks is trending down.
Most people would think that you can only make money if the stocks price is trending up. That is not the case. You can definitely make money even if the stock price is trending down. How? If the stocks is trending down, sell it as recommended in my stock tips #1. Since the stock price will continue to go down you will have the opportunity to buy it back when the price trends reverses and starts to go up.

3. Know Your Stocks.
To know your stocks you should know at least the average price and the highest price of your stocks. For example, Meg would have an average of Php4.00 and a high of Php6.00 and the current price of MEG is then I would definetely buy MEG.

4. Buy on the Worst Loser

Ayala corporation has just lost 5.9 percent. AC is not a bad company so there is a possibility that the stocks will rebound in the next trading days.

Here are My Stock Tips for week Beginning Apr 09, 2017

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My Stock Tips for Week of 11/28/2016 (PSE)

Here are my stock tips for week 11/28/2016

  1. AGI – Alliabnce Global (Buy)
  2. MBT- Metrobank Corporation (buy)
  3. PGold – PureGOld (buy)

AGI is currently on year-low and investing on will give you a short gain in a short period of time.

MBT is currently on year-low and investing on will give you a short gain in a short period of time.


PGOLD is currently low but its Trending upwards. There is a big possibility that it will go up in the future.



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My Stocks Tips for the week of 11/20/2016 (PSE)

Here are some of my recommendations for the week.
For a short term gain I would recommend that you
buy and sell the following stocks.
1. MEG – Megaworld (buy)
2. STI – STI holding (sell)
3. JFC – Jollibee Food Corp (Buy)

Megaworld (buy)

Megaworld is currently on a year-low and is currently bouncing back.

Megaworld stock is also trending up based on its 5 year graph.

STI holding (sell)
STI is currently high and if you have this stock It is the right time to sell

JFC – Jollibee Food Corp (Buy)
Jolibee is currently on a year-low and is a good stock to buy both for dividend and trading gains

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20160605 My Free Learning Content For System Admin, Web and SQL Server developer 2016

I’m currently working several free learning content. This series should be able to enable you should you want to take career in Information technology.For a more organize and updated curriculum and learning modules you can always visit

The content are divided into the following categories : 1.  Windows Server 2016 administration. 2.  Web development, 3. Database development with SQL Server 2016.

The contents are anytime online or you may want to watch them live as they are being delivered via live cast.

Fore more details please see links below:

I.  Windows Server 2016 Series

  1. Windows Server 2016 for Beginners and Career Shifters (S01E01)
  2. Windows Server 2016 for Beginners and Career Shifters (S01E02)
  3. Windows Server 2016 For Beginners and Career shifters (S01E03)
  4. Windows Server 2016 For Beginners and Career shifters (S01E04)

II.  Web Development Series  with Visual Studio 2015

  1. WEB Development series with VS2015 for absolute beginner (S01E01)
  2. Web Development series with VS2015 for absolute beginner (S01E02)

III.  Database development series with SQL Server 2016

  1. SQL Server 2016 For absolute beginner

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Monitoring Philippine Stocks With Microsoft Money on Windows Phone or Windows 8 or Higher

Microsoft or Ms money was a separate application prior to windows 8. Now It is free on windows 8 and windows 10. Microsoft money is also available on Windows phone for free. The best thing is that you can  even monitor local and international stocks in real time. Here’s how?

  1.  Run Microsoft money as show below


2.  Customize Ms Money for your Local setting . In my case I will be monitoring Philippines stocks


3. Add stocks You wish to monitor


4. You can also use MS money to analyze stock’s history


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My Bowling Tips

After almost 2 months skipping my bowling practice,  I finally have my bowling training again today with coach Paeng Nepumoceno at Eastwood bowling center.


Here are some tips I learned today.

1. Document your progress.

Just like any other career or learning you have to document your progress. You have to have a notes and checklist of items you need to improve on. The document is very useful when you have to go away and cannot go back to the lanes any time soon. Just like what happened to me. I was away for almost two months and I almost forgot everything that I have learned.

2.  Push away on the first step; the ball should be  on the lowest position by the second step and on the highest position by the third step.

In a four step bowling drill,  you have to push away on the first step and the ball should be on the lowest position on the second step. On the third step the balling ball should be on the highest position. You have to slide on the fourth step but you have to ensure that your body’s momentum due to that sliding  should be able to align with your other effort to throw the ball

3.  Bend your body forward 45 degrees.

This is very important. Bending your body by 45 degrees would lower the ball by almost 6 to 10 inches.  It will also lessen the risk of  damaging your spine if you are playing with a heavier ball.


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How to Write a Business Plan?


A business plan is a formal statement of a set of business goals, the reasons they are believed attainable, and the plan for reaching those goals. It may also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals. “wikipedia”


According Kiyla Fennel of a simple business should contain the following:

a.  Mission/Vision.

The first step is to write your dream into a one sentence  mission statement. Describe your vision

b.   Goals

Identify your goals. What is success for you? What is your term.  Is it going to be a short term?  Short term runs for  12 months, Medium term are for 3 years,  and long term are for those that  are to run for  more than 3 years.

d. Unique Offering.

Determine your unique offering (niche). Make sure your message is very simple. If people don’t understand you, you wont be able to sell so many. It should be Narrow and tight. You don’t wanna service everybody. The perception of your unique offer to you customer mus be one of  very high value.

e. Marketing.

Once you have defined your unique offer, How are you going to get the word out to people. In marketing there’s a certain “price point”. Price point is the price where people are willing to  buy.  If you sell too high, you won’t be able to sell. If it’s too low, You might “devalue” your product.

You have to identify the message. What do you want the customer to feel about your product and services. You have to plan how to send the message out to your customer.

f. Demand.

You need to research the demand by studying your competition.You also have to study saturation.  Saturation is how many business is out there doing the same as your.  You need to make sure that your market is strong when you enter in.

g. Market

You have to study if  the business you are entering is  declining or booming. Don’t enter if this is a dying industry.

h. Customer.

You have to know who is going to be giving you the money for what you are offering. The more focus you are to the customer the more beneficial it will be. Know their 5 w’s.

The  most important thing to remember.

The most important thing to remember is that your marketing plan should align to your passion. Something that will make you interested to get out of bed every morning.



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Introduction to Sales


A sale is the act of selling a product or service in return for money or other compensation.
Signalling completion of the prospective stage, it is the beginning of an engagement between
customer and vendor or the extension of that engagement. “Wikipedia”

“Your business does not start unless you start selling.Sales is something that is not to
be taken lightly. Without sales you actually does not have a business no matter how good
your technology is.”  Krista Jones -MaRs

Below are some sales tips that i took notes on Krista’s lecture on sales.


What’s the most important thing in selling.

The more important thing in sales is about what the customer wants.  It not about overselling
him/her because you can miss the deal when you do that. Its important that you match it to them
and the way to do that is to do a series of conversation with the client.

Sales is a process.

Its a whole activity that your company undergoes.  You need to create the process for your company.   You need to manage the process, you need to staff it, innovate within it and report on it. You need to attack it in a professional manner. Sales is not to be done part time.

sales process

Figure 1.  Sales as a process

Sales is a Very  Intimate and Very Detailed Process with the Customer.

Sales a very intimate and very detail  process, customer by customer. You have to know your customer. Know what they are doing. You have to do your homework for each deal. Customer needs to feel  a connection to their sales person. Sales person should be able to relate to them on their level. Customer should be able to ask probing questions.


Sales  Require Skills.

In sales, there are dedicated skills that are required.  Personal skills is required. Salesmen should know their product and have a deep industry expertise.  But to me a good sales person, you have to know more than the industry. You have to push the conservation forward, what’s the next steps?, what are the action items?.

sales skills

Sales Channel

Sales channel is how you can sell. You first few sales are probably done face-to-face. However, sales can go complex  as shown by the arrow going to right. As you move forward you will be having a more complex sales cycle.

Sales can go also go “up” in terms of size of the account. As you go upward  companies will be spending a lot of money for you. Those accounts needs to be manage closely. You will need a more intimate relationship with them.

Sales Channel

 Sales Funnel

The sales funnel visually describes the sales process from initial contact to final sale.  If you are a good sales person you have to have one.  You have to manage it,  review it and visit it weekly.

Sale Funnel

Theres a 10-3-1 rule. That is for every 10 prospects, You have to 3 contacts and close 1 sales. The sucess ratio for stat up is 25:1.

The length of time required for a sale to go down the funnel depends on the complexity of the sale and the amount involved

 Sales Materials

Sales need materials in every stage. Make sure that you are presenting appropriate materials for each stage.

Sales Materials




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